Product Care

Important Safeguards

  • The tool’s heat can be extreme – exercise caution when using
  • Always unplug the tool immediately after use
  • Do not use in bath or shower
  • Do not place or store tool where it can fall into water
  • Do not place tool in water or any other liquid
  • Do not reach for tool that has fallen in water – unplug immediately
  • Use this tool for its intended use only
  • Do not use tool if it has a damaged cord or plug
  • Do not use tool if it has been dropped, gotten wet, or damaged
  • Keep cord away from heat sources
  • Do not wrap cord around tool that is still hot
  • Do not use with voltage converter or extension cord
  • Keep heated tool surfaces away from eyes and skin
  • Do not place on delicate/flammable surfaces while hot/plugged in
  • Do not allow unsupervised use by children/invalids
  • Do not modify or use unauthorized attachments
  • This tool will only fit one way into a polarized outlet

Cleaning Instructions: Dryers

  1. Remove the filter guard
  2. Remove filter and rinse with water
  3. Remove any additional debris in and around filter
  4. Replace filter and lock filter guard in place