It’s the vibe of the city.

The pulse of heels clicking on pavement, the music of the rushing cars, the hum of the crowd. It’s the wink of skin as long legs exit a taxi, a flirtatious smile as the subway doors close. It’s the beat you live to, the dynamic momentum that is your life. It’s fast-paced, high-tech, minute-by-minute; it’s meetings at noon, nights on the town, brunches on Sundays. It doesn’t follow the trends, it makes the trends. It’s in-the-know, the here and now, the cutting edge. It’s the city you live in, the place you want to be. It’s Metropolis.

Utilizing the most sophisticated technology on the market, Metropolis introduces a series of high-end tools for the discerning stylist, whether a true professional or a savvy consumer. Each product is geared toward the vibe and technology of the city that inspired it: from the shine-boosting ionic diffusion of the New York Dryer to the sleek, frizz- reducing titanium plates of the Los Angeles straightening iron.

The Professional Series is specifically designed for the true professional, incorporating the nano-technology one expects to get the results an expert requires.

The Prosumer Series is unique to Metropolis – professional-level products for the knowledgeable consumer, the Prosumer Series delivers the same nano-technology innovations found in our Professional Series, but at a price and accessibility intended for the individual user.